BRIEU - Mousqueton clothing - cotton sailor cap

  • BRIEU, Authentic nautical sailor cotton cap. MOUSQUETON
  • Same cotton canvas as breton smocks.
  • A real seaman breton cap shape.
  • Adjustable by welcro.
  • Special protection and strongness band
  • Mousqueton sticker on body. 
  • Two air holes on sides. 
  • Inside seams protected by a same color lining. 
  • "Mousqueton" ton sur ton discrete embrodery on top of velcro on back.
  • Adjustable on all head sizes. 
  • And to avoid to see your cap fly with the wind there is an special hole inside to put a chin strap.

You can match this BRIEU cap with CACHOU, LARMOR, BADEN, KANA, TRIMARAN....canvas  cotton breton smocks and jackets

SIZE 1 (SMALL): up to 56cm head size
SIZE 2 ( REGULAR) for average and large head sizes. 

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